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Each year, we come across hundreds of Christians books. We wish we could take on every project, but we just can’t. Our readers aren’t looking for just any Christian book. We have found that they’re scholars, pastors, and everyday laypeople who have a growing knowledge of Scripture. Some of our more popular posts are introductions to study Bibles, theological works, or even Bible software. Like our readers, we have a significant amount of respect for God’s Word and our priorities are in promoting resources — usually academic or Christian living — that take great care in handling Scripture.

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Do you think your book would fit well with Bible scholars, Christian pastors, or church laypeople? Reach out to us by using the form below, and let’s discuss ways to work your resource into our promotion schedule. We have a growing community of readers who follow us on social media, as well as through our website, our newsletter, as well as our pastor and author interviews.

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Sometimes having a blog and social media posts aren’t enough. We enjoy taking time to discuss your latest resource over a phone call, a quick video interview.

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