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Can We Trust The Gospels?

Can we trust the gospels? Peter J. Williams has created a book that is short and easy to read. It sets out to prove that we can indeed trust the Gospels as they were written.

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Soul Reading Journal, A Review

For as long as humanity has existed, stories have soaked into our very hearts and souls and had the power to transform us. Stories are a gift that God gave us, and I use the Soul Reading Journal to enhance that gift.

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The Nonviolent Life

The Nonviolent Life challenges us to think about our beliefs, our thoughts, and attitudes, and to strive to change our hearts in order to live a life of consistent nonviolence.

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Redemption’s Echo Book Review

Through personal stories and reflections, Redemption’s Echo reminds us that God is always masterfully at work using and repurposing our lives, our mess ups, and even the “ordinary” events in everyday.

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