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Author: Micah

This Is Awkward by Sammy Rhodes, A Review

When things get awkward we tend to run. We avoid it at all costs. We do everything possible to keep from being awkward. The problem is that we are all awkward. We all have moments where people will look at us with that “what the heck” face. We can’t avoid it. Sammy Rhodes has tapped into a truth about awkwardness that is key for life. We are all better when we embrace the awkward. When rather than hiding in a hole we full on bear hug it. Sharing stories from his own life and insecurity, even in writing the...

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Visual Theology by Tim Challies and Josh Byers

Visual Theology is a beautiful work of art. If you’re a visual learner it can be difficult to grasp core concepts of doctrine, theology, and Christian belief without visual representation. Challies and Byers have created something that not only gives remarkable visuals to help the reader understand these difficult truths, they have put their hearts into the work. The design is clean and concise. It’s easy to read and understand while not losing it’s beauty. This is an excellent reference book for anyone hoping to deepen their understanding of theology. Visual Theology Product Description We live in a visual...

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Jesus Called He Wants His Church Back by @RayJohnston

In┬áJesus┬áCalled, He Wants His Church Back, Ray Johnston presents a remarkable case in the American Church’s loss of focus on Jesus. He cites many cultural examples and brings the reader to a clear understanding of just how it ended up this way. Johnston doesn’t just offer a synopsis of the downward spiral of the church, he offers a prescription of hope only found in Christ. Johnston calls us to focus back on Jesus. When we place our focus back on Jesus and we allow our decisions to be made in light of how He calls us to live and...

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Unashamed by Christine Caine, A Review

UNASHAMED by Christine Caine is a book that I picked up as part of the launch team for the book. This is my first book by Caine and my first interaction with much of her material at all. I quickly realized that this book is a game changer. Christine writes with a personal vulnerability and honesty that tugs at the heart strings. She opens up her life. Her past mistakes. Her past shame. Christine takes us to the moments when she felt most broken by abuse. She walks us through the journey of finding her hope in Jesus and...

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40 Days Of Decrease by Alicia Chole, A Review

To decrease is not something that comes natural for us, is it? For this last season of Lent, the time from Ash Wednesday – Easter, I followed a guide that I found from The Village Church. It gave me various things to fast for each of the 7 weeks of Lent, and helped me gain a new appreciation for the season. Just after Lent, I began reading 40 Days of Decrease. I wish I had opened it sooner. Alicia Chole does a remarkable job explaining the why, how, and focus of fasting. She has essentially created a day by...

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