Author: Kailynn

Unleashing God’s Word in Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry is one of the most important and exciting programs within the church. As someone who works in youth ministry I can honestly say that it is exciting to get to see God working in the lives of teenagers. Of course, it is also a lot of fun. Through youth ministry we are able to connect with teenagers and show them God’s love. We always hope that as they go through our programs they will fall in love with Jesus and that this love will continue as they go on to college. Unfortunately, for many teenagers in America,...

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The Church in America is Slowly Dying

The Last Christian on Earth by Os Guinness “It’s urgent that Christians should realize what is happening” (17). The church in America is slowly dying. It is, in fact being brought down by the very Western culture that it has helped to create. At least this is the argument that Os Guinness makes in his book The Last Christian on Earth. In this book Guinness outlines what he believes to be the problem with the Western church. This book is an excellent call for those of us who call ourselves Christians to remember who we are and who we...

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What Saint Paul Really Said, N.T. Wright

When we read through Scripture we often find ourselves assuming that we know all there is to know about a book or the thought process of an author. It is easy to assume that the way we read the Bible is the only right way to do it. I have found that it is often helpful to learn and read about how other theologians and people in the church read and interpret Scripture. Many within the church have grown accustomed to reading the Bible in with Reformed lenses. In What Saint Paul Really Said, by N.T Wright, we are...

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