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Author: Jason Brueckner

Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

If for some strange reason you are (1.) a pastor and (2.) you have not got yourself a copy of this book yet … stop reading. click the link above. and buy it. Learn more and purchase Dangerous Calling from That said, let me tell you a little bit about myself and then a little about this book. Currently, I am on a leadership team of friends who will be planting a community in North Canton, Ohio. I have a lot on my mind about both what ministry and what a minister is. For me, Tripp could not have...

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Enough: Finding More by Living With Less by Will Davis Jr.

We all know of the rat race, or what many people call the American Dream. We spend more, we work more, we stress more. We never have enough money, or enough stuff, do we? Luckily Will Davis Jr. is not only a man who has noticed the insufficiencies that us Americans believe that we face, but he is also a disciple who is obviously deeply saturated by the Words of Jesus Christ. Davis asks his readers, when is enough enough? When and where do we draw the line in what we own and what we allow to own us?...

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Handy Guide to New Testament Greek: Grammar, Syntax, and Diagramming by D. Huffman

Purchase directly from Kregel Academic or from Dr. Huffman, thank you … thank you … thank you! I write a lot of reviews for books that are general, Christian living type books. Seldom in my reviewing do I get to dig into a book that covers Biblical languages. For my readers, I am certainly no expert in the ancient biblical languages — not by any means — but I did go through Wheaton Graduate School’s Biblical Exegesis program and came out on the other side with a Master’s degree in Old and New Testament Exegesis (ancient languages being...

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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Youth Ministry by Joel Lund

So, the reality of youth ministry is (and you can ask anybody involved in youth ministry, and they’d tell you the same) that you are always, always on the clock. Whether or not you are physically at the church, at a students high school ball game, or you are at home reading a book on your own, you are either serving students/parents or you are processing the events of your place of ministry. You could get a call at 2:00 am, in which a student is telling you that his parents are fighting too loud for him to be...

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Miraculous: A Fascinating History of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles by Kevin Belmonte @ThomasNelson

Weighing in at over 300 pages, I must admit that Belmonte’s text is weighty. Don’t be afraid though, as historically-driven as this book is it is far from those textbooks you remember from high school. Rather, this book is devotional in nature. It shows how God has never given up on His people and how God has continually refining us believers since the creation of our world (see the first few chapters). He traces that same theme throughout history, through the early church fathers, the Reformation, even early presidents of the United States and so forth. God isn’t done...

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