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Author: Jason Brueckner

Overcoming the Top 3 Hurdles Churches Face on Social Media

Interview with Ryan Wakefield of Social Church Here are the three hurdles we’d like to confront: Putting the “Social” back in Social Media Developing good content Getting good reach and engagement About Social Church You want your church to win at social media. We will help you do just that. In short, we get it. You love to see people find life in Jesus. We can help you see more life change in your church by helping you connect with more people in your community. Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, church communicator, or volunteer your time is limited....

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The Light 95.9 WNPQ Radio Interview with Brave Daily

  I (Jason) had the opportunity to sit down with local radio station WNPQ The Light 95.9 out of Canton, Ohio. You can listen to the two part interview below to hear the story behind Brave Daily. You’ll hear how Brave Daily came about, what it takes to keep it going (including help from our amazing team of writers), why we work so hard to equip leaders, and a couple hints at where we’re headed. Thank you for tuning in — Enjoy! About The Light 95.9 Our Community with Suzie Thomas Each weekday morning at 9:30 am Suzie Thomas...

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CoSchedule, Going on Three Years Strong

I cannot believe that we’ve been using CoSchedule for over three years now. While we haven’t been fully leveraging the powers-that-be for the duration of our time together, the toolset and their constant innovation has been serving our team proudly. Instead of repeating the content calendar features that I’ve covered in the past (see below, I’ll add a few URLs), I’m going to focus on what looks to be the biggest and most helpful feature yet — content calendar social templates. You can dig into the topic in its entirety at CoSchedule’s website (here’s a link specifically to Social...

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Interview: Author Chris Hearn, Let’s Meet God

Before I dig into Let’s Meet God, I should say that I get to meet a lot of great people because of Brave Daily. I get to meet professors, pastors and writers from all circles of life and every corner of the world. In this special case, I had the pleasure of talking with someone who himself has been around the globe. Once a missionary in Russia, Chris Hearn is now serving as the pastor of a church in the northern part of Maine. He’s a down-to-earth guy with a huge heart to tell other people about Jesus. That is...

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A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament, A Review

The New Testament Introduction is a follow-up to the Old Testament volume of this series, to which you can read our thoughts on in a previous post found here. My sentiment echoes what was shared at the start of that post; there is too far a gap between what is being said in Scripture and how far people care to venture into what is said. There is an aching trend with the current trend whereby her people will settle for diluted, feel-good inspiration over meaty, heart-wrenching and life-transforming principles. That said, I welcome you to the continued Biblical-Theological discussion that...

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