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Author: Arliss

A Gospel Series: The Nature of Salvation

Gift (n): “something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present” (definition courtesy of  Gifts are an interesting thing. We love them, but we hate them at the same time. We love them because they’re free, because (most of the time) they are things we’ve been wanting to have. We hate them when they’re unexpected, because ironically, we feel indebted to the giver—despite the fact that by definition they are given without expectation of something in return. Plus—we didn’t ask for it. It turns into a combination of feeling indebted and...

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A Gospel Series: The Nature of Man

The past week has been eventful to say the least. The most recent actions of the new president of the United States have thrown many into confusion, fear, anger, and even into contention with one another. Regardless of one’s view of Trump’s decisions, one thing remains clear: We are a bunch of broken, messed up, sinful people. And I’m not just talking about Donald Trump.  The President’s recent executive orders and appointments have brought to the surface all our pride, meanness, deception, graceless, hateful, judgmental hearts, lack of compassion, lack of discernment, and more. One glance at one’s Facebook news feed...

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A Gospel Series: The Nature of Jesus

I’ve heard many say that Jesus was just a man. Many say He was merely a good man and example; a good teacher. They are correct. But at the same time, they’re not even close. The Gospel reveals that Jesus was God Himself. He is God Himself. This crucial aspect of Jesus’s nature makes all the difference in the world. But first, let’s look to Scripture that points to Jesus’s divine nature. Biblical Proof of the Gospel of Jesus In Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah prophesies the virgin birth of a little boy, and in Isaiah 9:6, he further prophesies that among...

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A Gospel Series: Necessary Truth Introduction

It’s been six years since the day that I truly put my faith in Jesus Christ. That’s wild. To me at least. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long (and maybe it isn’t), but there’s one thing that reminds me that it has indeed been six years since I first believed: I’d almost forgotten something essential about the Gospel; something that, if left out of the Gospel, changes what it is at all. I have to say, this was not enjoyable to discover and confess, much less to share with however many of you are reading this right...

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The Urgency of Being Present

This world has always been sick, but it seems to be getting worse by the day. The Orlando shooting, the young man whose death was caught on Facebook live, a bright-hearted singer suddenly being shot and killed while signing autographs for her fans, terrorist groups overseas in different parts of Africa stealing, torturing, and killing children and mothers and others. It’s as if a sheet of darkness has covered the earth with unabashed injustice, boldly stealing life from whomever it pleases. These things make my stomach churn and prick me awake. They’ve caused me to think more about life and death and...

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