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Brave Daily is fully-operating machine that reaches thousands. Our writers do this because we see a need for it and because we absolutely love what we do. Donating to our site supports the writers and keeps things running smoothly.

Advertisement Spots

Over the past 12 months (to August 2015), over 20,000 Christian Living enthusiasts (Google Analytics unique users) have visited or from all corners of the globe, with a focus on the United States.

  • Weekly newsletter of ~1800 subscribers.
  • ~6400 Twitter followers (and growing fast!).
  • Over 1000 Facebook followers.

Social Media Promotions

Featuring your media on our site is one thing, but we love to work with authors and publicists to spread the news even further. For a small fee, we can help create a social media plan to promote your article to all sorts of new readers.

For example:

A book that is written for pastors needs to be seen by pastors. We can work with Facebook to create an advertising audience of pastors. Reach 250,000 vocational ministers (About 1-2K daily) for two weeks, for only $75 total. Expand your budget or specific targeting, and your reach and readers will multiply!

Example Audience Details:
  • Location, Age and Language:
    • United States, 18 – 65+, English (US)
  • Job title:
    • Pastor, Minister, Pastoral Worker, Associate Pastor, Pastoral Assistant, Pastoral Ministries Professor, Pastoral Counselor or Minister (Christianity).

Super Targeted Facebook Audience Size = 250,000 pastors.

  • Budget: $75.00
  • Potential Daily Reach: 1,300-2,000 pastors.
  • Budget: $150.00
  • Potential Daily Reach: 3,500-5,000 pastors.

We would love to work with you to create a custom campaign for Twitter or Facebook to reach brand new readers with your material!

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