Why do we exist?

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Being a leader in the church is different, we get it. We get it because we have either been there ourselves or have spent time supporting those in leadership. It’s no wonder the spiritual life is often referred to in militaristic images, like taking up the sword and shield – Leadership requires courage and bravery day in and day out.

Brave Daily is a consistent, grounded space for pastors and church leaders to feel safe. Our primary focus is the education and exhortation of you, our church leaders. We do that by leading you back to the Cross day after day after day through our blog articles, book reviews, pastor interviews, daily readings and more.

Brave Daily exists to help you live out your calling.

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Meet the Team

Jason BruecknerJason Brueckner, Editor and Content Warden
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Creative leader with education in Biblical Exegesis and a passion to see lives renewed by the Gospel. Jason studied at Malone University (Bible & Theology, B.A.) and Wheaton College Graduate School (Biblical Exegesis, M.A.). By day, he work as the Manager of Social Engagement at a local marketing agency called Sanctuary Marketing Group. By night he tries to keep things in line here at Brave Daily.

Joshua JonesJoshua Jones, Author and Pastor #BeardGoals
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Joshua is a writer, mentor and preacher based in Nottingham, England. He is author of the book, Forbidden Friendships: Retaking the Biblical gift of male-female friendship. He loves sharing good coffee with his family and close friends.


Kailynn NelsonKailynn Nelson, Bible Nerd When Not Horsing Around
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Kailynn recently graduated from Colorado Christian University, where she majored in theology. She is a Christian, writer, thinker, Bible nerd, equestrian/horse lover, and social media lover — with a passion for encouraging people to dive deeper with their faith and with the Bible. She has a desire to help people find the depths that God has shown and is showing me. This passion is what motivates her to write and to share with others what she has found. She wants to help people find the joy in Christ that she has already found!

arliss veldhuizen 1Arliss Veldhuizen, Faith Blogger & Smile Junkie
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Arliss is a follower of Jesus and a graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA (Major in Writing and Rhetoric, Minor in Spanish). Her passion is sharing the love and truth of Jesus through the words He’s given to her, with the hope that she will learn more about my God and teach others along the way. She wants Brave Daily to be an outreach to fellow brothers and sisters, but also to those who don’t believe. Arliss believes that words have the power to shed light to the world and she just wants to be a part of it.

Don-HaflichDon Haflich, Resident Apologetic
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As the crazy and mildly energetic founder of Solid-State Apologetics, Don spends his days frolicking around the Front Range of Colorado. When he’s not with his family you can usually find him buried deep in some volume on theology and philosophy or busily typing away in a corner somewhere. He would love to podcast, but seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Matthew LloydMatthew Lloyd, Held Accountable to Plant Churches
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Matthew spends most of the day in a cubicle as an accountant and the rest of the time as a church planter. He holds a double major in accounting and economics from Emory and Henry College and a Master’s of Accounting from Liberty University. He resides with his wife in rural Southwest Virginia with one small, spunky dog.

ProfileBWMicah Hasty, Pastor and Book Reviewing Machine
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Disciple. Mentor. Husband. Dad. Pastor. Creative. Worship. Professor. Biblical Authority. People. Sacrifice. Accountability. Serving Others. Connecting w/ God.


mike reynolds 1Mike Reynolds, In-house Academic
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Mike is currently pursuing a Master of Arts and Master of Theology (both with emphases in biblical studies) at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. He received a Bachelor of Arts (Bible, preaching/church leadership, and intercultural/Chinese studies) at Johnson University in Tennessee. He’s married to a lovely woman named Brianna and likes books (A LOT). He enjoys reading in the areas of biblical studies, theology, and East Asia.

Guest Write Generic AvatarGuest Writer, Maybe You?
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We are always accepting applications for folks who would like to be a part of our writing and reviewing team. Reach out to us using our contact page and let us know that you’re interested or have a new idea of how we can improve our website.