Want to win Logos Cash gift cards? We’re partnering with Logos Bible Software to give away some massive gift cards! Here’s the deal!

Logos Gift Cards: If you show up, you have a chance to win one of three Logos gift cards valued at either $500, $300, or $200 in Logos Cash. All you’ve got to do is register to be there and be present when we draw the names! So what qualifies someone to win one of these amazing gift cards? We’ll ask for gift card nominations during the call, and your name will need mentioned! That simple.

iPad Air: We understand not everybody is as excited about Logos as you are (not yet at least), so we’re working with Logos Bible Software to give a gift to those who register to be there and show up just to learn more — an iPad Air! So what qualifies someone to win the iPad Air? If they don’t own Logos Bible Software at all, they just have to be present at our live video call. They don’t even have to buy! That’s it!

Register Now. Seats are limited.

Logos Bible Software Intro for More & Better Bible Study

2021 – This Year Don’t Just Read Your Bible, Understand It

Join and Invite your friends and family that want in on the secret to engage the Bible.

You will:

  1. Learn smart studying – methods to graduate from random page flipping
  2. Bring Scripture to life with graphics, videos, and media
  3. Get closer to God through scripture memorization, prayer journals, devotions
  4. “Goodbye Google!” Time to fire Google from being your personal pastor and theologian

Want to share your passion for Bible study using Logos with your friends, family, and colleagues? Then join Brave Daily and Scott Lindsey, Exec. Director of Faithlife, on Monday, December 28th at 7 p.m. CST.

For the friends you invite: 

“Logos will help you get answers to questions about the Bible in seconds. Imagine biblical solid answers to your questions about life and tough theological topics? How about doing Greek and Hebrew word studies? Or maybe you want to know more about a Biblical Person, Place, or Topic, help with your morning devotions, or foster a deeper prayer life?”

If you fit any of those categories, then this webinar is for you!

See why over 6 million people worldwide depend on Logos to grow in the knowledge of the Bible.

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Scott has taught at over 1,000 conferences in 23 years at Faithlife. He has personally trained and works with the ministries of Tim Keller, Priscilla Shirer, Randy Alcorn, Kay Arthur, Tony Evans, Matt Chandler, Christine Caine, Ed Stetzer, Charlie Dates, Josh McDowell, and many more. 

If you ever wanted to show someone the power of Logos, this is the opportunity!

I finalized the details with Scott Lindsey on Friday afternoon that logos is going give away a free iPad to someone  who attends demo on dec 28 who doesn’t already own logos. They don’t have to buy but they have to be there. For everyone who invites people they can be nominated at the demo foe the chance to win 500, 300 and 200 in logos cash. They do not have to be there to win.

Register Now. Seats are limited.

Purchase not required to win the iPad Air, and product link is given as reference only. Faithlife and Logos Bible Software will provide the iPad and Logos Cash prizes equivalent — we’re just excited to partner with them on this incredible giveaway!