I am no stranger to Mark Batterson’s work. In fact, his book The Circle Maker had a drastic influence on my prayer life. Through it, I was encouraged to focus not only simply seeking God about particular items only once, but instead, to continue to circle those items in prayer. To continue to circle meant to continue to come back to them.

The premise of If is simple at its core but can have a radical influence on your life. Mark creates short chapters based around the eighth chapter of the book of Romans. As he dissects this rich chapter verse by verse, he undergirds the truth of each verse with science, personal stories, and historical accounts. Each chapter leaves you pondering what God would happen if someone were to take Him at His word and forget every other noise.

The book If stirs you to dream bigger and believe that what if should be a regular word in our vocabulary. We should strive to live a life where anything is possible if it revolves around Christ. It seems as if many people have tried to convince Christians to live their life in this manner. Mark not only is the most compelling I have read about this passage so far, but also has stories to share about living a life like this.

Though I have only read this book once, I know it will be one I will re-read over the coming years. If you have any doubts, get this book and apply what it says. If you do this, you can see God work in every possibility of your life.

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