The following guest post was written by Simcha Natan:

The ‘Dare to Ask’ project was a journey of chronicling a long season of being hidden, broken, passed over and feeling invisible. It is my story of songs written in the secret place when I was convinced no one would ever hear them except God, during a time when many voices were stifling mine, and my gifts and callings were under severe attack.

The jewel that I found in this place is that the desert and dark seasons are a place of privilege. An area of promise and a place He only takes His chosen ones. The challenges, storms, desert seasons and pain all became something I learned to no longer despise, but to appreciate and even ‘Dare to Ask’ for.

This process is not an easy one and is not restricted to any single people or age group. It’s the adventure of not being willing to ‘settle’ for the mundane or the status quo, but to press in and wrestle with God for more, for strategy, for new ground, and for his advancement of the Kingdom. But while we grapple, so should always remain in a place of his rest. 

It’s a tension that we as leaders should always be in. As servants of the people God has put us with, we should be battling for God both for individual circumstances that we know of in our community, but also for the community as a whole, as well as our own personal list! But we cannot be a leader that is twisted up and tense with the stress of the battle. We have to find that place of rest, that peace and stillness of soul are supernaturally available to us, and if we are not operating from it, then our own strength has become the driving force. 

God asked me to chronicle the things I learned in this 15 year season, to write it down, and eventually He ‘cornered me’ into turning these musings into the book Dare to Ask.  This book became the umbrella to all that I’ve done since.  

Since the book was published, God revealed to me a pattern of ‘daring to ask,’ which begins with dreaming, and learning how to dream once again, something so many of us have abandoned, and how God can be found in our dreams. This is represented by the first EP and devotional – ‘Dreaming.’

Then we move onto a season of being ‘Awakened,’ and starting to step out into the dreams we’ve learned have come from God, and learning to stand tall on His promises. This is stage represented by the EP and devotional ‘Awakened.’  Only when these stages have been completed can we then ‘Soar’ with Him – the name of the third, and final EP and devotional – coming 2019! 

But it all starts with Dare to Ask, and to be willing to wrestle for more from God, from a place of rest.

Since the books and CD’s have come out, the launch of the community Dare to Ask Online Courses has happened! This 6-week course is created for those who appreciate a small, closed community to discuss, talk and pray through the process of stepping into new ground. 

Making this a live discussion on a weekly basis means there is space for each participant to figure out how to apply the challenges to their lives both practically and spiritually in a safe and closed community, tailored to them.

The Dare to Ask course is a 6-week course comprising of:

  • an e-version of the book
  • weekly live led ‘classes’
  • ongoing email support 
  • 1-1 call with Simcha at some point through the course
  • weekly notes, challenges, and assignments
  • Constant communication through private group chats throughout.

The exact start dates and times will be decided when the group is full.