The 2018 Tough Topics Bundle helps you tackle difficult passages of the Bible. In Problems in Bible Interpretation (BI161) Michael Heiser examines 10 challenging passages—five from the Old Testament and five from the New Testament. In Introductory Issues in Acts (NT216) Craig Keener explores important issues from the book of Acts including the issue of miracles and the historical reliability of the book. Douglas Moo provides a framework for understanding the theology of Paul theology in his course NT276 Pauline Theology. Finally, Craig Blomberg walks through 1 Corinthians, a letter that tackles important issues like spiritual gifts, sexual immorality, celibacy, marriage, and the evidence and significance of Christ’s resurrection. As you go through these courses, you will not only gain understanding about the specific issues discussed. You will also learn principles that will equip you to tackle other difficult passages.

  • Pauline Theology (11 hours): Untangle Paul’s theology with Dr. Douglas Moo.
  • 1st Corinthians (12 hours): Church leadership, sex, and other issues are covered by Dr. Craig Blomberg.
  • Acts (2 hours): Explore the historical reliability of the miracle accounts and more with Dr. Craig Keener.
  • Difficult Passages I (3 hours): Interpret tough passages with Dr. Michael Heiser.

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NT276 Paul’s Theology, Dr. Douglas Moo

In NT276 Pauline Theology Dr. Douglas J. Moo organizes Paul’s theology within the new realm of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the lives of Jesus’ followers. After comparing the new realm to the old realm of the law, Dr. Moo takes you on a journey from the inauguration of the new realm to its culmination, stopping to discuss the people of the new realm and how Jesus’ followers enter into, live within, and enjoy this new realm. This course provides you with a foundation to read, study, teach, and preach the message of the apostle Paul.

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NT33 Book Study: Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians, Craig Blomberg

In Book Study: Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians (NT334) Craig Blomberg steps through the text to explain the big picture and the many issues and controversies found in 1 Corinthians. You will be encouraged in your Christian walk to understand and express your spiritual gifts and to see the contemporary relevance of the issues faced by the Corinthian church. This study reveals the pastoral heart of Paul in both addressing moral and community issues of Christian leadership, factionalism, lawsuits, sexuality and food sacrificed to idols whilst keeping rehabilitation always in mind. Taking a broad-brush approach, you will gain a balanced perspective on spiritual gifts and the importance of love before diving in to examine the controversial topics of tongues and prophecy. There is something of relevance for every Christian in this study which shows that the same issues facing the first century church can be found in the church today.

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NT216 Introductory Issues in Acts, Craig Keener

Engage in a preliminary introduction to the book of Acts with a focus on the historical issues and genres of the book. Gain a better understanding of the history of the early church and the mission to spread the good news to all people.

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BI161 Problems in Bible Interpretation: Difficult Passages I, Michael Heiser

Believe it or not, not everything in the Bible can be understood by children; many passages are not even easy to understand for adults. Delve into a number of difficult passages with Dr. Heiser as he introduces key interpretive issues and the problems that are lurking in the background of these verses. He guides you through what needs the most attention and introduces you to several options for interpretation for each passage. Dr. Heiser focuses on the importance of being able to wrap our minds around and navigate through the difficult passages of Scripture, because although they may be challenging, they are still significant for theology. How you understand these verses will have an important ripple effect on the interpretation of other passages you will encounter in the course of your own personal Bible study.

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