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The Curious Christian: Curiosity Creates Connections

There was a lot that I could have taken away from my discussion with Barnabas Piper. Aside from his (what appears to be) dry sense of humor and quick whit, he’s a deep-thinker who isn’t afraid to ask imaginative questions. No wonder he’s written a book on faith and doubt (Help My Unbelief) before this one on curiosity. The subjects that he is most concerned with are the very tangible, day-to-day matters that a lot of believers and non-believers alike wrestle with — and curiosity is no exception.

What if you stopped being curious about your spouse, your passions, your studies or even your athletic abilities? What if you stopped “pushing the limits” or asking WHY? when someone explains something to you? Imagine with me a little kid, starving to know more… “But why is the grass green!?” I think Jesus was on to something when he prompted us to have child-life faith. Don’t you?

In the video above, I spoke with Piper about how far is too far when getting curious about Scripture. I think more often than not we tend to box in our beliefs, but this was a refreshing reminder to get creative in the right context. Piper reminds us to not get too comfortable in anything; especially with our faith.

The Curious Christian: Official Book Description

Curiosity is such a childish word, right?

Not so fast. Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we should lose our wonder at the world, or the people around us. When we do, we lose so much because curious is how God made us to be.

curious christian piperWithout curiosity a Christian’s life is incomplete. His relationship with God is incomplete. His connections to others are incomplete. He doesn’t know how to interact with the world around him—politics, media, art, entertainment, science, and so much more simply fly past or overwhelm him. Without curiosity he can never discover deep things, deep connections God tucked below the banal surface of life.

Author Barnabas Piper explores what curiosity is, and how it affects relationships. What if people so sought to learn about each other that the most unlikely people became advocates and friends?

It would be transformative, and it would stem from curiosity.

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