Lost_God_Lost_World_1024x1024“Tell me all your thoughts on God, because I’d really like to meet her, ask her why we’re who we are.” – Dishwalla

Counting Blue Cars by the band Dishwalla was and is one of my favorite one hit wonder songs from the 90’s. Every time it comes into my starred Spotify favorites on shuffle I jump with excitement and turn the volume up. This was a song that echoed my questions of God during my youth. There were times when I felt like God was lost, or at least I had lost Him.

Throughout my young adult and college years questions came in and out of my mind over and over again. I knew I wasn’t alone and truthfully – I’m still not. There are many people who have questions about God and wonder about His character. Melivin Tinker has provided us with a remarkable work detailing the nature of God. It paints for us a beautiful picture of who He is and how we should respond accordingly. It’s a quick but deep read that helps answer our questions and frame our thoughts on God through the lens of biblical authority.