intro-image-isoGarden City is a beautiful journey back to Eden. Back to the beginning of mankind. Comer examines the early text and language to paint a picture that is becoming all too forgotten in the minds of Christ followers. A picture of perfection and community and what it was like to walk with God in the Garden of Eden.

Comer’s writing is spectacular. Garden City is an easy and captivating read – yet remarkably challenging. Comer draws us back to the holiness of work and how we were created to partner with God in His Kingdom work.

We don’t often view our work as something that’s holy. We view it as a grind. Remember that work being hard was a result of the fall of man. One of the consequences of sin was that working the ground would now be difficult. Before the fall it appears that we were always going to be working in partnership with God. Garden City encourages us to redeem what was lost.

Get it. Read it. Live it.

Product Description

You’ve heard people say ‘Who you are matters more than what you do’. Does the Bible really teach that? In Garden City, popular pastor and speaker John Mark Comer gives a fresh take on our calling and our purpose, with a surprisingly counter-culture take. Through his creative and conversational style, Comer takes a good look at Genesis and the story of a man, a woman, and a garden. He unpacks God’s creation and his original intent for how we are meant to spend our time. Here, you’ll find answers to questions like ‘Does God care where I work?’ – ‘What about what I do with my free time or how much rest I get?’ – ‘Does he have a clear direction for me?’ Practical and theologically rich, Garden City speaks to twenty and thirty-somethings who are figuring out next steps and direction in their lives. Garden City is the Purpose Driven Life for the next generation – the book that helps us answer why we are here what should we do about it.