For as a long as there has been church there have been small groups. The way they have formed has changed over time. Some form naturally as pockets of people begin to seek after Jesus together. Others form as people sign up for seasons of life to explore a specific idea or truth from Scripture. In our modern context there are churches that focus entirely on small groups for their model of spiritual growth and discipleship.

Where there are small groups there are small group leaders. Those individuals who take the responsibility for the leadership of others. In any leadership role there are ways to lead well and ways to get better at what we do. Scott Boren has written an incredible tool for us to grow as leaders and to grow small group leaders we work with. Leading Small Groups In The Way Of Jesus is a resource that helps us think through how we lead small groups in ways that we have not before. He looks at everything through the lens of how Jesus lead and taught His disciples while on earth.

Born helps us learn how to have healthy conflict within groups, how to point people to Jesus consistently, and how to replicate our groups in a healthy way.

Leading Small Groups In The Way Of Jesus is a must read for pastors and teachers.

Plus a blurb from Small Group Churches:

Small Groups in the Way of Jesus Book Description

Is there any arena in the contemporary church more perplexing than small groups? Leaders and participants alike fill them with promises of unparalleled spiritual intimacy and reliable relationship. Experts put forward model after model, paradigm after paradigm, and frustrated small group leaders and followers meander from one to the next in increasingly vain hope that the next model will deliver the goods. What could be more natural than a group of people sitting together, talking? What could be more contrived than a packaged curriculum, with prefab questions and notes for leaders? Such is the problem of small groups.

Scott Boren has wrestled with these challenges for years, in the context of his own small-group ministries and in consultation with churches of every stripe. In this book he reminds us that any small group, no matter how it’s organized, is at its heart a collection of people each walking in the way of Jesus. That means we are going somewhere―together―and that means we have a reliable guide.

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