The Prodigal Church

The church you attend every Sunday. You go there for a reason. Maybe it has a message you can relate to or music you like. Maybe there’s a community aspect that you can’t ignore. Maybe for once you feel at home. Maybe they have the best coffee in town. Maybe the pastor is well known. Maybe the branding is modern. Maybe it’s multi-site. Maybe it’s all wrong…


prodigal churchAll wrong…


Seriously. So seriously that I’ve examined scripture and truly believe that modern expressions of church are often missing the mark when it comes to focusing on Jesus.

This is how Jared Wilson comes to the table. He questions everything when it comes to the church. He has the best intentions. He’s not angry. It’s not a megaphone on a street corner screaming mess. It’s a heartfelt and hopeful call for the church to be the best church it can be.

I don’t agree with all of Jared’s conclusions. I love his heart. I love that he’s willing to come to the table and ask the hard questions to make sure we’re willing to examine everything to get it right.

It’s a great read. Challenging for sure.