birs_design_the_life_you_love-for_jimOur lives are often a mess. Maybe it’s just me… but it feels like overtime, no matter how well laid my plans are, I end up reverting to craziness. I am glutton for the punishment of my own calendar. Maybe I’m a sadist and I just love to be busy. I think that could be true. When we interact with people we haven’t seen in a while we tend to focus on the parts of our lives that are filled with clutter. “I’m so busy.” “It’s a busy season.” “You wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been.” Are we really as busy as we say? Do we need to be that busy? Do we truly love when we are busy? Is that what we hoped for? Do we make it through school, earn the degree, get the job, to bust our butts until the predominant word in the descriptions of our lives became “busy”?

I believe our lives can be better. It turns out I’m not alone. Design The Life You Love by Ayse Birsel is a beautifully “play book” designed to help us make the most out of our lives through a process called “deconstruction:reconstruction”. Birsel has us take our lives and pull out all the things that make up our lives out like a list of ingredients. Think chicken noodle soup. Then we go back into this ingredients and start to dream through how we could make it better or different. Maybe you like things a little spicy so you add cayenne pepper where it didn’t exist before. Maybe you remove onions. Maybe you’re vegan so you go for tofu or beans over chicken. When it comes to your life you have the ability to design it to be exactly how you love it.

Design The Life You Love is a great tool to use to help reorient and plan your life into the way you want it to be.