The journey for a creative church continues…

When I was younger I remember someone telling me that in Heaven we would worship God forever. I thought back to the hard pews and large choir with that one soprano that was always giving it her all when she probably should have given less… Heaven sounded like it was gonna stink.

creative church handbookI’m thankful that through my adolescent years my parents connected with a faith community that had a different expression of worship. We moved from choirs to a band + orchestra that with the right arrangements could really feel like Metallica’s S&M album – they never found those arrangements, but the players were talented. During this time I began to learn to play guitar and joined a couple of rock bands. We played some local churches and “Christian Clubs”. I dyed my hair, when I had it, blue and green and pink and purple… I think I gave Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers a run for their money. The point… is that I became exposed to the arts in ways I hadn’t before. Genre’s and styles of music gave way to the reason and purpose behind how they were being used.

In college this continued as I found some friends who were into spoken word poetry. I joined a metal band and spent my weekends traveling in a smelly van screaming my lungs out about love, God, and hope. Another set of friends and I started an artist project called Between Faith And Thought. At our shows we had live painting, acoustic jams, spoken word, and solid rock and roll. All of this lived in the realm of purpose in helping people rediscover God and see Him in new ways.

That’s what arts should do in the church. The arts should help us see God in new ways. Creative Church Handbook is exactly what it claims, a handbook to help “release the power of the arts in your congregation”. Every chapter is filled with how-tos and ideas on incorporating the arts within your local church service. From step by step instructions to large vision catalysts, this book is a must have for any creative arts director.

Creative Church Handbook Description

If the future is creative, is it any wonder that sometimes the church seems stuck in the past? Now is the time for the church to reclaim its role as a center of creativity. Among your members are artists, musicians and other creatives whose gifts can enhance your worship, inform your theology and impact your community. Christian arts advocate J. Scott McElroy gives a comprehensive vision and manual for unleashing creativity in your congregation so you can connect with the more visual, aural, participatory and expressive generation that is rising up within the church today. In this handbook you’ll find clear direction for:

  • Mobilizing and managing artists and other creatives in your congregation
  • Establishing structures and parameters for arts ministry
  • Leading and supporting staff and church members in creative changes
  • Enhancing the worship service
  • Adding creative elements to your sermons
  • Engaging the broader community

Activate your church in every avenue of worship with this practical guide for arts ministry.

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