_240_360_Book.1646.coverI’m not a comedy guy. I realize that must read as, I like to kick puppies… but overall I don’t really do comedy books. I find them to be a waste of time or of my brain space. So I picked this book up as an exercise to de-scrooge myself and grow in an area I believe I lack. I need to learn to laugh a bit more.

The Diary Of A Jackwagon by Tim Hawkins is pure joy. I’m familiar with Tim’s work as a stand up comedian, but have never really followed him closely. This new offering is a mix of new material with jokes that come straight from his stand up routine. I found myself laughing out loud as I read. While the delivery comes across differently reading than listening, I found most of the jokes hit where they needed too.

If you’ve followed Tim for a long time you may feel like the reading is a bit redundant to material you’ve heard before, but it’s really a great offering of fun for any reader.