hansen-interview-blog2xWhat Collin Hansen has written in Blind Spots is so greatly needed for the church to move forward as a unified body like Jesus envisioned. As Christ followers there are many things to which we are blind to. There are blind spots in our faith traditions and in how we exercise our freedoms in Christ. Hansen, examines the call of the church to be courageous, compassionate, and commissioned. He would argue, and I would agree, that many churches fall into one of those three categories rather than having a good balance of the three. To be balanced and connected as the body of Christ in our courage, compassion and commission is crucial for the survival of the church and the execution of the Great Commission.

This graph might help explain this balance a bit.



The green outer ring represents what happens with the church operates in only one of the three primary calls. The inner ring shows the connected and balanced church.

Truthfully, some of Chris’ writing style comes across a little harsh. Maybe it’s personal conviction I’m feeling, but it seems that in his writing he could across a bit more on the outer side of the ring than the inside. Regardless, his intention and content are excellent. The church should be willing, if we care about anything Jesus said, to to a heart check to see just how balanced we truly are.

blind-spots-quote10  11149781_10153201533563632_8987460496721853756_oCourage-2

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