Sex. It’s everywhere. From your phones to TVs. The majority of new TV shows thrive on humor and intimacy based around sexual ideas and tensions. Sexting has invaded youth culture and the average student sees pornography for the first time by 9-11 years of age. Sex permeates our culture. So as Christians we need to figure out how to talk about sex and ultimate we begin with what God says about sex.

MoS2015_slider_availIn scripture the book The Song Of Solomon is a poetic love letter written from a husband to a wife. It shows an intimacy and beauty in a marriage relationship that can serve as a starting point for us as we talk about sex and intimacy. Matt Chandler digs into the Song of Solomon in his new book The Mingling of Souls and provides some discourse on everything from attraction, dating, courtship, marriage, and sex all from a biblical perspective.

The Mingling of Souls is a great introduction for anyone searching for a biblical perspective on love, marriage, sex, and redemption.