Designed as a translational guide, this Cyber-Center EBook for Translating the New Testament book of Jude isolates Jude’s usage of independent and dependent clauses, tips for translating Jude, and exegetical explanations to assist in the translation of Jude’s letter. Translating Jude Clause by Clause divides into three parts. First, Bateman provides an introduction whereby he painstakingly prepares readers for translating Jude. Second, he divides Jude into nine manageable units for translating Jude while providing contextual orientation for each unit of thought. Finally, Bateman provides an answer key with detailed exegetical explanations about the text. The book interacts with lexicons, grammars, and English translations as well as provides numerous charts in order to orient the reader/translator to the challenges that come with translating Jude. Yet the contextual orientation and clausal outlines enable the reader/translator to trace Jude’s flow of thought that will be helpful for teaching and preaching purposes.

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