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Author: Matthew

Kingdom Math Doesn’t Make Sense @JDGreear

We are wired to be competitive people. We want to win at all cost. We want to gain as much stuff, whatever it may be, before we die. Does God really promise us that we can gain by losing? It goes against the notion inside of our human brains. We know that the message of the Gospel goes against the wisdom of the world and is simply foolishness to those who do not believe it. The thought of gaining by losing sounds like something that would be true when compared with Scripture, but just because something sounds true does not...

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Leadership, The Four Pillars + Video @JenniCatron

Leadership: Extraordinary leaders lead for others I read a lot of leadership books and when I get an opportunity to read one from a new writer that I have followed for a while, I am even more excited. Although this may be an early entry from Jenni Catron into the leadership genre, it does not mean that it is one that should be overlooked. The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership is a great addition to any leader’s library. In it she lays a wonderful foundation that one can apply to their life and propel them into the future. While I would...

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Too Busy For Prayer

Have you ever found yourself too busy to pray? Sadly, I have thought this was my life recently. This has been a busier season in my life than I have experienced in a while. Due to the different aspects of my life whether it is family, church, or just general life this has been a stressful season. Early in this season I saw the time I spent in prayer decrease. In most circles, it may be unbecoming of a pastor to admit to that. However, I value honesty and there is strength that can be found in our confessions....

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Look At The Cross and Live It Out

It is not uncommon to see people walking down the streets with a cross hanging round their neck or tattooed on their forearm. It seems as if the cross has become more of a cultural symbol of simply being a religious or good person than we allow it to reflect the horrific death sentence that it was throughout history. Rather than trying to change the way others perceive the cross, maybe we should change our perspective. Look and Live by Matt Papa is a book that has the potential to wreck you, if you will allow it. It will...

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1 Part Coffee, 2 Parts Jesus

I enjoy coffee. And I am fairly fond of Jesus. The combination of the two makes for a great time. I like to talk to Jesus when I am drinking my coffee, so what could be better than a comic entitled Coffee With Jesus? Before I received the book, I occasionally came across one of the comic shorts on a web forum every once and while. Here though, there are multiple pages of shorts and plenty of laughs. I started the collection one evening and found myself having to contain my excitement as I was beginning to annoy my...

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