Author: Joshua Jones

Confessions of a Lonely Christian. Faith and Loneliness

Loneliness has been a regular visitor in my life since I was a teenager. He rarely announces in advance when he’s going to stop by. He doesn’t ring or text. He could swing by when I’m in a crowd or on my own. Loneliness likes to surprise me like that. Sure, sometimes his visits make sense. Loneliness may come singing his sad tunes when I perceive a slight from a friend. Unmet expectations from those I care about can open the door for his arrival. But other times he seems to come for no apparent reason – when relationships...

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Holy Halloween?

The big ugly debate is upon us. No, not the Presidential one. This debate involves dwarves and banshees of quite another variety. As heated as the political scene may now be, it will pale to fervor with which Christians will begin debating if and how they will celebrate what is now commonly called “Halloween”. This battle of ideas will be waged from the beaches of church pews to the hills of Facebook. There will be shots fired and people unfriended. But what cyber surfing culture warrior would be complete without some historical trivia and theological sanity? Here you go...

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God’s Tattoo

Tattoo and God I’m a city boy whom God has exiled to the countryside. If ever there was a question about God’s sense of humour, my being out here – three miles from the town of Royston in Herefordshire – should confirm that the Almighty’s enjoys a laugh. The full hilarity of my predicament was revealed recently when I got a tattoo at the local parlour. It was just a small tattoo – a minimalist hourglass where I would normally wear my watch. I got it as reminder to ‘number my days’ as Psalm 90 calls us to do....

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Good Tidings We Bring @BlueCheezWhisky

The Merry season is upon us and amongst the mulled wine, traditional carols and rampant shopping, we once again have the voices of those who claim that Christmas is rooted in paganism and, therefore, Christians shouldn’t celebrate it. Is this true? The first part is. Many of our Christmas traditions are rooted in paganism. But the second part involves a colossal leap in logic and a profound misunderstanding of Christian theology. It’s exactly because many of the traditions are rooted in paganism that we should be celebrating it. First some, historical background. History I doubt that it’s news to...

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How to Escape Relationship Bondage @BlueCheezWhisky

‘Assemble the elders; gather the children, even nursing infants. Let the bridegroom leave his room, and the bride her chamber.’ -Joel 2 Joel is a minor prophet with a major message. His book may only be three chapters, but his prophetic poetry pulls no punches – and it preaches the gospel. In this bit of verse, Joel calls his listeners to interrupt child and marriage schedules to seek God. He says that when drawing near to Go, no one must stand in the way. Those in possession of large swaths of our heart’s real estate must submit their claims to the...

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