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Author: Jason Brueckner

Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace by R. Larry Moyer

Everybody is told to do it. Everybody wants to do it. But from the Great Commissioning to the sixth hour of an eight hour shift, some might say that the Scriptures are just not “practical” enough in showing us how to present the Gospel to our coworkers, to our boss, to the bus or cab driver on the way to work. Personally, I think that Scripture lays out the mandate and the means — worship God with all avenues of your short life — but Moyer’s book gets hands on with us. Moyer’s text doesn’t exposit the commission, rather...

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Deeply Loved by Keri Wyatt Kent

Today’s book suggestion comes accompanied by a guest post from the author, Keri Wyatt Kent herself! The post is in preparation for Lent (Happy Fat Tuesday and here comes Ash Wednesday)! I’m sure that some folks get tired of “hearing my voice,” so without further ado, her’s Keri: (You can learn more of purchase the text from The Brave Reviews Guest post from By Keri Wyatt Kent Author, Deeply Loved Lent, at its surface, is a time to give things up; to live leaner, simpler. We ask, “what are you giving up?” as if Lent were a second...

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Giveaway Winner!

Book Bundle Giveaway! To be honest, Brave Reviews has been pretty busy lately. There has been a slow and steady transition from Christian Living material to what some would call “academic.” I am finding that a lot of people are much more interested in the books and resources that are going to change them down deep rather than fluffy, encouraging thoughts that’ll give them nourishment for a day or two. If you are into material as that of which I have just stated — I mean research and reviews that prove depth over distance (yes, stolen from a song...

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Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson

Prayer is a discipline that, I believe, is not practiced diligently by the present generation — the “millennials” as we are so easily tagged. There is something bizarre and, might I even say “spiritual” to praying that causes many battling through the Christian faith to shy away from it. Batterson has made it his mission to counter that belief. This is not his first, nor do I believe it will be his last, book on the issue. Check it out on or  Publisher: Zondervan, 2012 Page count: 107 His target audience in this book? Parents. Scripture preaches to parents to...

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Contextualization in World Mission by A. Scott Moreau

If you have a heart for missions, pick up this book!   About the author: Moreau (DMiss, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is Professor of Intercultural Studies at Wheaton College and the author of numerous articles on missions in journals and books. Having spent a number of yeras in Africa as a missionary, he has firsthand knowledge of contextualization issues. His other professional interests include folks religions and technology in missions. Publisher: Kregel Academic Page Count: 384 pages, softcover To be honest from the outset, global missions, intercultural studies and contextualization is not my forte. I have but merely dabbled in...

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