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Your Life is to Draw People to More of God

The Faith of Noah Noah is an unusual story (Genesis 6-8). We have God regretting he made man. He was so fed up that He was going to wipe everything out to start over. This is not a side of God that we like to think or talk about. However, there was one who found favor with the Lord. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people. So God told Noah His plans to wipe out the world and how He was going to save Noah and the animals. Noah was given the details of building an ark,...

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Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God

I scrambled out of the car, slammed the door, and kicked the rear tire. Squinting into the harsh glare of a flashlight, my first words were louder than necessary, “If you’re going to ticket me, then ticket me! I just want to get home.” Not giving the police officer a chance to respond, I continued, still annoyed, still defiantly frustrated, “I’m tired. Really—I just want to get home.” Yes, I was tired, but the police just needed me to slow down and stop—at a STOP sign. Sadly, it wasn’t the first time. I’ve hurried through more than one STOP...

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Recovering My Walk with God after Church Disappointments

When I gave my heart to Christ, I joined a local church. Its people became my family and my best friends. I served my Lord by serving that congregation. I volunteered in the church office, assisted the worship team, worked on committees, and participated in outreach efforts. Then things changed. I married a man, and we had a baby. Our infant was the only preschooler in the congregation, and I became the sole nursery attendant. Every Sunday. Things were also changing in the church’s urban neighborhood and in its denomination. People were fleeing both. My husband and I joined...

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A Heart for the Lost Starts at Home

In 2002, I set foot in South Sudan. Although extremely well-traveled, I had never experienced a land so ravaged by war and neglect. The country had been engrossed in civil war for 19 years at that point and it showed. However, unlike most of the other countries I had been to, the majority of the people I encountered in South Sudan were already Christians. What surprised me the most was that in the midst of a constant threat of attack, they had hope and joy and peace. Their hardships didn’t discourage their faith, it encouraged it! Sudan was neither...

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4 Chair Discipling, A Review

In his book, 4 Chair Discipling, Dann Spader looks at what it means to disciple someone. He breaks discipleship down in to a four step process using the analogy of four chairs.

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