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Author: Arliss

Feeling God (x) | Gifts

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been reviewing some of the gifts of the Spirit that the Lord has equipped us with. Some of them, such as faith, wisdom and knowledge, we often overlook, not even recognizing them as spiritual gifts at all. We view them as just part of human nature, and those who don’t have them just need to try harder. Therefore, we fail to appreciate them for what they really are, diminishing their precious value. Other spiritual gifts are so obviously heavenly and out of this world that we either doubt that we have them,...

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Reading Tips for your Future Book

As you may have noticed, I love to write. I write a lot. I’m even writing a novel right now, and am thoroughly enjoying the journey of its creation. What joy it is to be able to construct your own world and your own storyline, to delve into the depths of your imagination and bring them to life through words and imagery. However, I don’t read as much as I should, and reading is essential if I want to create something of my own for others to read. Thanks to Mr. Jason Brueckner, he’s granted me the discovery of...

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The Theology of the Westminster Standards by J.V. Fesko @CrosswayBooks

Westminster Historical Context and Theological Insights For centuries, countless Christians have turned to the Westminster Standards for insights into the Christian faith. These renowned documents—first published in the middle of the 17th century—are still considered by many to be some of the most beautifully written summaries of the Bible’s teaching ever produced. Church historian John Fesko walks readers through the background and theology of the Westminster Confession, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism, helpfully situating them within their original context. Organized according to the major categories of systematic theology, this book utilizes quotations from other key works from...

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Feeling God (IX) | Distinguishing Spirits

The house was in quiet chaos. Each of us scurrying every which way, gathering into huddles of prayer and bewildered laughter. Sydney asked us if we could pray over her room. Lydia and I followed her up the creaky, wooden staircase and into her room. Sydney and I sat side by side on her bed together. Lydia sat Indian-style on the floor. The ambience of the small room was unsettling and untrustworthy, so much that it was unnerving to close my eyes. Sydney explained that she hadn’t felt safe in her room lately, and that she felt as though...

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Writing Better Thanks to College

This upcoming year is my final year in college and I’ve learned some important stuff that I want to share with you. This knowledge wouldn’t have come to me without going to school, so I figured I should pass it along for those of you who are also aspiring to become a writer of some sort one day. So here they are: the top five things I’ve learned about writing while at college. .Books on writing and writing classes are necessary. For some reason, I thought that I could fully develop my writing skills on my own without the help...

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