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Author: Arliss

Psalm139: He Knows It All

There’s this one dream that I had when I was a little girl that I’ll never forget. I was at gymnastics practice in Indiana, and we were almost done for the day. I took a quick bathroom break and came back out. I walked onto the floor, minding my own business and ready to finish out the day. Everyone’s eyes were on me, watching me with perplexed and amused faces as I walked. They started laughing. I looked down, and somehow, I’d forgotten to pull my leotard back up. Little me was half naked in front of the entire...

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Psalm 139: A Freshened Perspective

The past nine months of my life have been bursting with change. I graduated from college, moved to a state in which I’ve never lived before, married the love of my life, started attending a new church, and began working full-time. My mind and my heart have been chaotic, spun around and stretched in every direction. With all sincerity, I have been beyond blessed by my God during this time, and He continues to shower me with His mercy each day. But it has been a hard and tumultuous time for my soul. Why? My mind has been everywhere...

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Not Alone by @TheJessicaSnell (Editor) @KalosPress @ArlissAdou

Not Alone: A Literary and Spiritual Companion for Those Confronted with Infertility and Miscarriage   Summary Not Alone, edited by Jessica Snell, is a powerful book addressing the painful journey of those touched with infertility and miscarriage. It’s a collection of stories shared by many different people, some whose experiences are long past, some whose are more recent, and some whose are still ongoing. Some of these men and women now have children, and others remain childless. They share their unique experiences and how they’ve been torn, broken, and grown by their experiences, expressing their journeys with much transparency,...

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Hoping Against Hope by John D. Caputo

SUMMARY In Hoping Against Hope, John D. Caputo shares his spiritual journey which began early on in his youth and simultaneously puts forth what he calls a “religion without religion,” or the “religion of the rose.” He begins by explaining that based upon the scientific evidence of the continuous expansion of the sun, the world will literally end. He calls this “inhuman”, because all people will literally be no more, along with their stories and their thought. He admits that as a young boy and later, as “Brother Paul,” — another name he’s given himself from a previous stage in...

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Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney

Summary In Praying the Bible, Donald S. Whitney offers Christ-followers a refreshing new method to praying, one so simple that Christians from all walks of life are able to do. He begins by identifying the underlying problem that cause believers discouragement in and from prayer: boredom. As he explains, we tend to say the “same old things about the same old things” when going to God in prayer, and that it does indeed become repetitive and boring. This tendency causes our minds to constantly drift in prayer, often times to the point that we don’t feel like praying anymore....

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